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 Don't Subvert the Consultation Process

Resolution calling for credible alternative options to assets
“The irony is huge. Lianne Dalziel as a Labour MP campaigned
against partial privatisations, yet as Christchurch Mayor
she may implement the same policy at the
Christchurch City Council.” *
stripping  ruled this out of order!

Christchurch will not, according to Mayor Lianne Dalziel recover completely from the aftermath of the earthquakes until “democracy has been restored to the people of this city* – a sentiment with which we totally agree.

However the veracity of the statement is questionable (as are other undertakings to consult with the community about the proposals to asset strip the city) when Council passes resolutions like this.

They want to be able to sell everything
“To ensure that the Council gains the greatest return from any sale, it needs the flexibility to consider the sale of part, or all of its entire holdings. In comparison, sales of small shareholdings or retention of control by Council will limit the value that can be released. As part of the Long Term Plan we are therefore consulting on the potential divestment by CCHL of its interest in Orion New Zealand, Lyttelton Port Company, Christchurch International Airport Ltd, Eco Central, City Care, and Red Bus.”
                                    P15, Financial Strategy
No alternatives have been investigated

On 26 February 2015, Councillors Johanson and Turner proposed 
“That the Council request staff to modify the draft financial strategy to include credible alternative options that save capital expenditure instead of releasing capital and increasing rates.”
The Mayor ruled this out of order.

8 are For Privatisation

Lianne Dalziel         Mayor                        941 8999               mayor@ccc.govt.nz

Ali Jones                Shirley-Papanui,         941 7066                ali.jones@ccc.govt.nz

David East             Burwood Pegasus,      388 1104                david.east@ccc.govt.nz

Jamie Gough          Fendalton-Waimairi,    027 231 4393       jamie.gough@ccc.govt.nz

Paul Lonsdale         Hagley-Ferrymead,      941 7064              paul.lonsdale@ccc.govt.nz

Raf Manji                Fendalton-Waimairi,     351 2361              raf.manji@ccc.govt.nz

Tim Scandrett         Spreydon-Heathcote,   941 7069              tim.scandrett@ccc.govt.nz

Vicki Buck              Riccarton-Wigram,       343 1991              vicki.buck@ccc.govt.nz

6 are Against Privatisation

Andrew Turner       Banks Peninsular         328 8204             andrew.turner@ccc.govt.nz

Glenn Livingstone  Burwood Pegasus         941 7059             glenn.livingstone@ccc.govt.nz

Jimmy Chen          Riccarton-Wigram         342 8589             jimmy.chen@ccc.govt.nz

Pauline Cotter       Shirley-Papanui            379 7195             pauline.cotter@ccc.govt.nz

Phil Clearwater      Spreydon-Heathcote     941 7068            phil.clearwater@ccc.govt.nz

Yani Johanson       Hagley-Ferrymead        941 7063            yani.johanson@gmail.com

Take action 
  • Contact the 6 Councillors who attempted to bring rationality to the discussion  and thank them.
  • Check out our Submissions  and Resources pages 

The onslaught has started

Five Weeks Is Not Enough 

Christchurch City Councillors have finally emerged from their months of ‘public excluded’ meetings and put their cards on the table.

Meeting today to discuss the draft Long Term Plan Consultation Document councillors have already resolved to remove a number of our assets from the list of strategic assets thus freeing them for sale.

It is our understanding (at this stage) that the proposed four week consultation period (March 17th  – April 20th) proposed in the consultation document has been extended by one week. We will verify this as soon as is possible.  

Whatever the case – four weeks or five – it is clearly not adequate time for the citizens of the city to respond to such a complex and important issue – particularly given that much of the information underpinning the recommendations are not in the public domain.

  • The agenda for today’s meeting here                     
  • The draft ‘consultation” document is here           
  • Associated documents here