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Ratepayer's Money Squandered      At Ratepayer Excluded Meeting

Keep Our Assets Christchurch, a network of political parties and activist groups, has sent an Official Information Act request to Christchurch City CEO Karleen Edwards seeking all the available information regarding the Metro Sports Facility.

KOA spokesperson Murray Horton said that: "Rumours that the City Council resolved last week (Oct 23), in yet another public excluded meeting, to fund this 'nice to have' white elephant is truly an outrage".

"Across the City people live with damaged roads, stuffed infrastructure and a host of other 'need to haves' and the city fathers  have got their priorities wrong. They are content to spend our all too scarce resources on these white elephants. And how will they be paid for?  By flogging off the assets that belong to the people of Christchurch" added Mr Horton.

KOA expects to be given the run-around with the OIA request. "We sought the terms of reference for the deeply flawed Cameron Partners Report under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and still await a response. Mr Horton said "We are now in the process of forwarding a complaint to the Ombudsman about the Council's failure to meet the request".

 "The one thing you can be sure of" added Mr Horton "is that a Council not prepared to meet its obligations under the OI Act has something to hide".

Keep Our Assets Christchurch
Media Release
October 30 2014