The City's Significant Assets

 Keep Our Assets Canterbury's definition of “significant and/or strategic assets and services” in relation to those held and/or operated by the Christchurch City Council:

Council equity in Christchurch City Council Holdings Ltd;

The equity that Christchurch City Holdings Ltd holds in each of the following subsidiaries (each subsidiary is treated as a separate significant asset for the purposes of this policy):

Lyttelton Port Company Limited
  • Christchurch International Airport Limited
  • Orion New Zealand Limited
  • Redbus Limited
  • Enable Services Limited
  • City Care Limited
  • Eco Central
The equity in VBase Ltd held either directly by the Christchurch City Council or through Christchurch City Holdings Limited:
  • The following properties held by VBase Ltd:
  • Westpac Stadium
  • Christchurch Convention Centre
  • AMI Stadium
  • Christchurch Town Hall
  • The equity in Civic Building Ltd held either directly by the Christchurch City Council or through Christchurch City Holdings Ltd;
  • The equity in Transwaste Canterbury Ltd
  • The land and buildings as a whole owned by the Council for its public rental housing provision;
  • The Christchurch Art Gallery and its permanent collection;
  • The library network as a whole including the Central Library, the suburban libraries and the mobile library service;
  • The Christchurch City roading network as a whole;
  • The water supply network as a whole including reservoirs, pump stations, and reticulation;
  • The sewage collection, treatment and disposal system as a whole including the sewers;
  • Pump stations and treatment works;
  • The land drainage system as a whole including the storm water pipe network, the open river system, waterways, wetlands and retention basins;
  • The reserves lands as a whole including land held under the Reserves Act and land used for parks, gardens, sports fields, recreational areas and cemeteries;
  • The Council’s built recreational facilities including, but not limited to, all its suburban swimming pools, indoor swimming complexes, childcare centres, gymnasiums community cottages or halls and recreational centres;
  • The system as a whole of off-street parking facilities owned or operated by the Council;
  • The public transport infrastructure system as a whole including the Bus Exchange, bus shelters and other bus related facilities;
  • The Council’s portfolio of Heritage Assets as a whole (excluding assets specifically acquired for on-setting after providing them with protective covenants);
  • Harbour structures as a whole, including wharves, jetties, slipways, breakwaters and seawalls;
  • The waste management system as a whole including transfer stations;
  • Cathedral Square.
  • Sign of the Takahe
  • Sign of the Kiwi
  • Sign of the Bellbird
  • When rebuilt by the Council and if in Council or Council controlled organisation ownership.
Significant assets as defined above are the assets in total and not the separate elements of the assets.