Consultation process revealed as a farce

The announcement that Christchurch City Council has engaged Cameron Partners to advise on assets sales midway through the “consultation” (sic)  process on the Long Term Plan only serves to confirm that the council  is committed to assets stripping the city.

No proposals have been put forward to make serious changes to operating expenditure or to time spending plans to fit with what the City can afford.

Cameron Partners, the authors of the highly contested report on Christchurch City Councils funding problems, released on August last year, are investment bankers with a history of advocating privatisation. 

They advised the then Labour Government against the establishment of Kiwi Bank – it was, they blustered bound to fail. The Company’s principle Rob Cameron was involved in the fire sale of Telecom back in the ‘80’s.

Suspicions that the consultation process is a sham were heightened when Mayor Dalziel ruled a resolution calling for the exploration of credible alternatives to asset sales out of order. 

KOA Media Release