Maritime Union warning on port privatisation

The Maritime Union has repeated its warnings that the Christchurch City Council should not privatise key assets including the Port of Lyttelton.

Port privatization would have negative outcomes for the City, says MUNZ Lyttelton Branch Secretary Les Wells.

The ratepayers and citizens of Christchurch should continue to organise against the asset sales programme, he says.

The Maritime Union took a leading role in the campaign against the part privatization of the Port of Lyttelton in 2006.

In the 2006 case the port deal was being promoted by a right wing Mayor and council, but in the current situation the Union was concerned the sell off was being promoted by the current Mayor, a former Labour MP.

Privatisation of ports internationally have often led to poor outcomes, loss of control and loss of income for communities.

The Port is the major asset for the City of Christchurch, says Mr Wells.

“Workers will not let their assets built by generations of labour be pawned off for short-sighted gains.”

Mr Wells says the Union was firmly opposed to asset sales and would campaign against both local and national politicians who were pushing privatization.