The Message is getting OUT 2

"Leave our assets alone!"

KOA activists were out in force yesterday at the Labour Day picnic hosted by Unions Canterbury. A great day, brilliant sun, warm breeze and the kids having a ball with free candifloss and sausages.

and much enthusiasm for the KOA meeting at the Cardboard Cathedral November 7th.

You can grab a copy of the meeting flyer here large (A4) or small (A5).



The Message is getting OUT

"Leave our assets alone!"

KOA convenor Murray Horton speaking at the First Union conference in the city earlier today.

If you'd like a KOA speaker to attend your meeting, service club, whatever, let us know and we'll be there.


The Devil and the Detail

Tuesdays’ announcement that the Trans-Pacific Partnership had been not only successfully (sic) concluded, but was considerably less than the much heralded and promisedgold standard’ bodes ill for those of us opposed to asset stripping.

The devil is, as is often said, in the detail and none more so than in this instance. It will be a month before we will discover the impact of the TPPA on Christchurch City but it’s reasonable to assume that the notion of cherry picking ‘strategic partners’ to sell assets to has advanced from  naive to impossible.  Ditto any suggestion of council’s requiring ‘local supply’ of goods and services.

While waiting for the devil to make an appearance we’d recommend that you check out Jane Kelsey’s latest blog post “Sober reflections on the TPPA deal – and why we need to keep fighting”.

 “New Zealanders therefore need to ask a simple question: who gave the Prime Minister and Trade Minister the right to sacrifice our rights to regulate foreign investment, to decide our own copyright laws, to set up new SOEs, and whatever else they have agreed to in this secret deal and present it to us as a fait accompli?”