Vigorous Campaign To Stop Christchurch City Council Selling City Care

 Starts With Picket Wednesday December 9th

A Keep Our Assets Canterbury (KOA) protest outside Christchurch’s main City Care depot next Wednesday (December 9th) will kick off a vigorous campaign to stop the Christchurch City Council selling City Care.

Earlier this week the Mayor Lianne Dalziel announced the Council intends to sell City Care as part of a “capital raising” programme.

Dalziel and seven other councillors have voted to sell $750 million of our assets over three years and City Care is the first one they want to flog off.

The Mayor’s reasons for selling don’t stack up.

The projected budget shortfall in future years would disappear if the Council insisted the Government meet its share of the cost of fixing damaged infrastructure and renegotiated the timeline for building the Government’s so-called anchor projects (which Treasury has declared to be financially non-viable).

The Mayor has frankly admitted she has not asked the Government to consider changes in the building programme for the anchor projects. 

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With the anchor project programme in disarray anyway there is no point in selling in any case.

However it’s clear the Mayor is working for a National government agenda for Christchurch rather than for Christchurch citizens.

KOA is appalled at this short-sighted stupidity.

Wednesday’s picket will be from 4pm to 6pm outside City Care depot at 245 Milton Street,Sydenham.

We will be taking our message direct to the public and the workers employed by City Care whose jobs and/or conditions of employment are on the line. 

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