Minto For Mayor

Help bring change to Christchurch 
Get Active in the Minto for Mayor Campaign

Want Christchurch to be a people’s city rather than a corporate city? 

Tired of the interests of the minority being given prominence as we rebuild our town?

Join our campaign to elect a Peoples Mayor;
  • We want to stop the council selling city assets and helping make the rich richer and the city poorer
  • We want free and frequent public transport to end congestion on our roads and save money on new roads
  • We want every Christchurch family to live in a warm, dry, affordable home
  • We want Christchurch workers to earn enough to keep their families safe and healthy at a decent standard of living
  • We want to end the corporate stranglehold on the city rebuild
  • We want all Canterbury rivers to be swimmable for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren
  • We want a more equal city which is fairer for everyone
Sign on at the campaign webpage or email your contact details to  

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