KOA states its case

Putting People at the center of the Rebuild 

Steve and Murray facing down the asset strippers 
Steve Howard and Murray Horton presented our submission to the Christchurch City Council Long Term Plan yesterday evening. 

Emphasising that bricks and mortar were not the only assets under threat Steve stated that it was "indefensible for those councillors,who during the election period campaigned to hold on to the city’s assets, to in anyway support a sell down". 

"Where the major driving force for an unnecessary change is a central government that is committed to the failed neoliberal ideology of privatisation," the submission stated "the council should be honest with the people and alert them to the problem. It is a temptation to claim that such honesty would impinge on the council’s ability to negotiate outcomes but in reality the only strength the council has is the popular support of a well-informed community".

You can watch the entire presentation in the video below and read the submissions of other KOA affiliates here .

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