Prominent Cantabrians Speak Out

Against Asset Sales

Responses are coming in to KOA (Keep our Assets Canterbury) from prominent Cantabrians
"We are selling our birthright
for a mess of pottage"
opposed to asset sales.

It’s clear to us the majority of Cantabrians are strongly opposed to asset sales

Some of the early responses include the following:

Deputy Chair of the Historic Places Trust Canterbury Ross Gray has made his personal view clear

“It is vital that the Christchurch City Council, in whom city assets are vested, retains these assets for the continuing income generating benefit they offer the city” (see the full statement)

Local writer arrel says it’s time for a cup of tea

“This city is being forced by government into selling assets, to fund items it neither needs nor can afford. It is time to ditch the blueprint. Sit down. Have a nice cup of tea, and think again”

The Wizard is typically blunt

"The Anchor projects are sinking the ship of Christchurch. We are selling our birthright for a mess of pottage."

And to those who say young people don’t give a stuff about politics local musicians The Transistors get straight to the point.

“We oppose any transfer of public assets into the ownership of a wealthy few”

The KOA campaign is growing with petition forms coming in from across the city opposed to asset sales.

Want to help with our work?

  • Help gather signatures for the petition here (circulate the hyperlink to friends, on facebook, twitter, etc) 
  • Attend a planning meeting 

5.30pm, Wednesdays at the WEA